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In an interview with Citypages, Jennifer Lawrence suggested that “We’ve seen this happen in history, where all of a sudden there’s this government and it controls its people by keeping them separated and hungry and weak, so that they’re not strong enough to fight back.” Josh Hutcherson, in the same interview, referred to the Occupy Wall Street movement, adding, “I feel like in today’s world, you have the 99 percent and the one percent, and there’s such a disconnect between the two. That’s kind of what happens in The Hunger Games. You have these people who fight to put food on the table and then you have the Capitol that’s completely oblivious to that world.”.

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fake ray ban sunglasses You do a story, and it just sticks with you and you can shake it, says Hook, a key member of the Channel 10 news team for 24 years. Story had kind of been around. It really a part of Arizona folklore. The brothers themselves have shrugged at gay marriage, saying they have no problem with it.Perhaps, just perhaps, the working class whites targeted by culture warriors don’t really care all that much about these issues or care a lot less about them than they do about their falling incomes. Perhaps they’ve been voting all these years for an attitude, hitting back at the “liberal elites” who they feel rap them on the knuckles when they speak their mind. Trump’s magic potion involves adding attitude while subtracting threats to Social Security, Medicare and other government programs average folks depend on.Trump has stomped on so many of the right wing’s most cherished wedge issues while winning majorities among the Republican base it gets you wondering how big that tide of moral umbrage really was fake ray ban sunglasses.

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